Thanks to Jacob Eisler ’04 for pointing out that Evan Miller’s ’06 graduation speech is available on-line.

In a few years, take some time to reflect about why you are what you are–how your life has been a triumph of will or perhaps a concession to circumstance, how your dreams have been shaped by your surroundings, and the particular influence of this college. Now I know the last two days have largely consisted of people telling you to remember this, meditate on that, and be grateful for everything, but nobody’s been demanding quite enough of you. If you’ve learned anything here, it’s that clear thinking happens best in the course of clear writing and clear speaking. One thing Williams hasn’t taught you is that the most important subject you will ever study is yourself. So put your life under a microscope, and then write down what you see. Keep a diary, even if you only update it once or twice a year. Don’t be shy about telling your friends, your family, and your fellow pilgrims in this life what, in your judgment, Williams meant to you. I’m asking this because your listeners are sure to be impressed.

Read the whole thing.

Not sure if the whole “clear” thinking and writing part applies to EphBlog, but we try our very best. [You certainly avoid the shyness trap! — ed. Indeed.]

Williams taught me that there are few things more enjoyable than having a heartfelt conversation with very smart, open-minded people who disagree with almost everything you believe. Hence EphBlog. [That and beautiful Eph women. — ed. Of course! And intramural soccer.]

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