Why do you read EphBlog? Because only EphBlog brings you pictures like this:

Pictured is Gaylord Focker, male nurse and Williams class of 1995. Comments:

1) Ace EphBlogger Jeff Zeeman ’97 first noted this scene from Meet the Fockers.

2) Is this picture real? Many of the items on the “Wall of Gaylord” seem to be actual photos or, for example, a young Dustin Hoffman. Is there such a photo of a young Ben Stiller?

3) Perhaps the Williams connection comes via Blythe Danner, Gaylord’s mother-in-law in the movie and a regular at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

4) Can anyone date the t-shirt pictured? This seems like the shirts that were sold 20 years ago at Goff’s. Are they still for sale?

5) Can a photo expert determine if this picture has been Photoshopped or otherwise altered? It almost seems like a real picture of Stiller with a dessert background (American Southwest? Middle East?) added in.

6) There is nothing in the production notes indicating where Gaylord went to college, which means that Williams is a possibility. True obsessives will want to check here.

7) What class would Gaylord have been? I’ll leave it to experts to figure that out. Meet the Parents came out in 2000. So, if Gaylord was class of 1995, this would have given him 2 years (?) to get his nursing degree and then work for three years. One problem with all of this is that I have never known an Eph who was also a nurse, male or otherwise.

8) John Clayton ’85 has his doubts.

Early in the movie Meet the Fockers, a montage shows Greg wearing a Williams College T-shirt. It’s a gold shirt with a purple “Williams” straight across the chest. I had one exactly like it, as a Williams student lo those many years ago. Seeing it in the movie I said “Ah!” and realized that the filmmakers were trying to claim Greg went to my alma mater.

So did he?

The personality fits: sensitive, slightly meek, easily intimidated by right-wing nutcase former CIA agents… yup, that’s a Williams grad.

Speak for yourself!

9) Do we want Gaylord to be a Williams graduate? I think so, but dissenting opinions are welcome.

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