Sirloin Sports is a hard-to-categorize web site run, I think, by Matt Casey ’03. Best part is a collection of stories about Baseball Coach Dave Barnard. I liked this one.

At practice on the Friday before a three-game set, coach was giving us the scouting report on the Lord Jeffs and their game one starter, Jeff LeDuc:

“This kid LeDuc. He’s got good stuff, but he’s a gagger. Things don’t go his way he’s gonna s*** down his leg.”

Predictably, this had us all on the floor. But the quote earned legendary status after what happened the following day. Tie game, bottom of the last inning, we had the winning run on second with no outs. Bobby C is up, and Barnard calls time for a little chat. “Bob, we’re gonna bunt. Normally I’d say keep it away from the pitcher [LeDuc], but if the kid fields it, he’s gonna throw it away. So just get it down, don’t worry where it goes.”

Bobby C bunts it right back to LeDuc, who turns and fires over the head of the first baseman and into the woods. The runner on second is awarded home, and we win 3-2. Not only did Barnard predict the day before that the kid would gag, but he called the exact nature of the choke 30 seconds before it actually happened.

I have no doubt in my mind that the man made a deal with the devil.

Didn’t we all?

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