This is an Eph Diary of sorts. This summer, my dad is helping to install plumbing for air ducts in a lobster hatchery near my house. How, you may wonder, is this a Thing Eph? Let me tell you.

I spent last fall at Williams-Mystic, where one of the courses is Marine Policy, for which each student chooses a current marine policy issue and talks to real live people on each side of the issue, eventually writing a paper. Mine was on the issue of aquaculture off the coast of the island upon which I live. One day, I was looking at the news and noticed that the MacArthur “genius” Fellowship recipients had been announced, and I looked at the list on a whim.

It turned out that a lobsterman (who also happened to have a marine biology degree) on my island had been awarded one of the fellowships, and that his project was to create a lobster hatchery to ensure that there would be enough lobsters to keep the island’s lobster economy going. Since my topic was aquaculture, and hatching lobsters and releasing them into the water to catch later is a form of aquaculture, I called him up. And so it went; I actually ended up interviewing his wife, who just happened to be the former head of the Maine marine policy bureau. My parents made their acquaintance, and now my dad is helping him do plumbing. Such a thing might never have happened without Williams-Mystic and its emphasis on learning by doing and by talking to actual people.

By the way, during the coming academic year when more people read EphBlog, I may continue my “Mystic Mondays” to further elucidate the mystical things that occur at Williams-Mystic.

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