EphBlog is pleased to report the results of the alumni election.

Alumni Trustee: David C. Bowen ’83
Tyng Administrator: Jean Henderson Tibbetts ’75

Thanks to Brooks Foehl ’88 and Wendy Hopkins in the Alumni Office for the news. There were approximately 3,700 ballots cast, about 15% of total alumni.


1) The Alumni Office refuses to release the vote totals for the candidates or even to provide the number of votes cast for just the winner. I can understand why it might be embarrassing to report that a certain candidate only got 10 votes but is there any reason not to release the vote total for the winner? The more transparently the Society of Alumni is run, the better for all concerned.

2) Why do only 15% of the alumni both to vote? Well, many don’t care. But many of the Ephs that I have talked to don’t vote because the College makes it impossible to cast an informed vote by hiding from us the actual opinions of the candidates on important policies. See our previous discussion.

3) Once Bowen takes office, 3 of the 5 alumni trustees will be African American, 1 Hispanic (I think) and all male. See here for more details. I think that the racial diversity that this group adds to the Board is a good thing since, in an ideal world, the Board would “look like Williams.”

4) The all male aspect of this group is not something that the College likes to see. There may have been some efforts to change this in recent years by having 2 out of the three candidates be women, as was true this time. But, perversely, this may have had the effect of splitting the women’s vote! I wouldn’t be surprised if pre-1974 alums were more likely to vote for a male candidate, especially given the way that the College refuses to provide them with any better reason than biography for casting their ballots. Don’t be surprised to see all three candidates next year be women.

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