In a previous thread, Rory suggested:

Now, the above paragraph can be blasted as some “PC” crap or the fact that I’ve done too many facilitations. But it is an example of what could be done. I also think it’d be interesting to see what happened if you took a two week vacation and had someone as “postmaster” for the day each day who would be expected to make at least one update with Williams news. I guess we could let you comment…:P Perhaps changing the face of ephblog for a time would let some people who feel uncomfortable commenting on your post

This is a genius idea! I would love to take a two week hiatus from EphBlog. Who is willing to volunteer to do a post each day in my place?

Note that this is not hard to do! Just take a look at Eph Planet or the Record or put “Williams College” into Google News. Pick out anything you find interesting. You don’t need to provide paragraphs of commentary or analysis. Just a link and a quote are enough. There are a score of interesting Record articles from the last semester alone that we have set to review.

The only constraint is that you would need to do this for all 14 days. EphBlog has a responsibility to bring new material to our readers each day. But the good news is you can do this ahead of time using the “future” publish option, as Diana does with her campus photos. Indeed, I think that someone could provide all 14 posts in just an hour or two. You could start now or next month or in the fall. EphBlog needs less of me and more of everyone else.

Any takers?

Also, I appreciate Rory taking the time to make these suggestions. Although I disagree with Rory about many, many things, I am always thankful for his participation here.

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