Laura Lim Prescott ’92 got a fun birthday gift.

Since receiving this wonderful gift [a century-old map of Williams], I have been comparing the 1889 map with the current map of the college. I sort of wish that I had my old 1988 map of the campus so that I could see how much had changed since my residence in Williamstown. Some interesting things I discovered: The Congregation Church (at right) looked very different from the beautiful church that I admired every day, large building called “The Graylock” is located at the future site of the Graylock Quad, and Mark Hopkins lived in an area near Mission Park–not in the current President’s house. Also, the mountain that I know as Pine Cobble seems to be labeled Smedley’s Height. Or maybe I’m not looking at the map properly and Pine Cobble is Hudson’s Height. Either way, it has the wrong name.

What is the history of the name of the place that we know of as Pine Cobble? And how can “Pine Cobble” not have an entry in Willipedia?

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