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Reunion Pictures

Lots of great reunion pictures at SmugMug. Kudos to the Society of Alumni for making these photos available. If I (and my EphBlog co-authors!) weren’t so lazy, we would pick out the best pictures and post them here.

It was only two years that seeing reunion photos required a stupid registration with some idiotic company (which, to this day, continues to spam me). Wonder how much the College paid for that service?

In any event, it is good to see SoA taking advice from EphBlog. We are here to help! Really.

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#1 Comment By Anonymous On July 10, 2006 @ 12:19 am

The idea that the Society of Alumni has to depend on Mr. Kane’s random ideas is the typically self-indulgent nonsense of the Kane EphBlog. His arm must be tired from patting his own back. Technology gets better over time, with or without advice from EphBlog. There’s a fair chance the Society of Alumni would be in exactly the same place if they did not know Ephblog exists. If you run to get in front of a parade, it does not mean you lead it.

#2 Comment By David On July 10, 2006 @ 3:53 pm

Where did I claim that the SoA “has to depend” on my ideas? I merely pointed out that the SoA is doing now what I (and others) suggested two years ago. Perhaps they would have come to this conclusion independent of our advice. Perhaps not. Perhaps knowing my view retarded progress. (It is fair to say that many people in SoA are not among EphBlog’s biggest fans.)

For the record, the SoA has also finally gotten rid of its stupid question of the day/week. If this is another example of EphBlog running to the front of the parade, we’ll take it! Onward!

The central and serious issue is that the SoA has, despite (or because of) significant resources, totally failed in its efforts to create a meaningful on-line presence. Outside of class agents and other insiders, no one uses their site, logs on, posts jobs or asks questions. No one cares. Its earlier attempt to create a private login/password required location for reunion pictures is emblematic of an insular attitude that has served it very poorly for the last 5 years.

SoA would do well to listen to suggestions from EphBlog regulars like Ken Thomas and Guy Creese and even, perhaps, me. It can hardly do worse over the rest of the decade by doing so.

(Note that this is not a criticism of reunions, class secretaries, fund-raising and the like. All these traditional activities are handled marvelously.)

#3 Comment By Rory On July 10, 2006 @ 7:58 pm

I believe the problem is with the phrase “taking advice” which, without proof, seems to posit a causal relationship (Lowell’s correlation does not equal causation point made in a slightly different example: foreshadowing does not equal causation). Yes, ephblog recommended (and correctly) that the photos be posted in a site without need for a subscription. Yes, after said recommendation the photos were posted in such a site. BUT no, we do not have proof that ephblog’s recommendation had any effect on SoA’s decision, and thus the term “taking advice” was jumping the gun.

now, back to writing up fieldnotes…