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Winters ’95 to Planning Board

I love the local politics of Williamstown.

Controversy continues to dog the Selectmen’s decision two weeks ago not to reappoint Planning Board member Sarah Gardner.

There have been numerous letters to local newspapers defending and berating the decision, and the issue was raised again at a standing-room only Selectmen’s meeting Monday night.

Chairman Philip C. Guy opened the meeting by clarifying why the board decided not to renew Gardner’s appointment.

“Her activism was not the issue,” Guy said, referring to Gardner’s sometimes controversial stance on development projects.

The clarification is a response to Gardner’s claims that she was not reappointed because her viewpoints differed with several other members of the board. She had served on the board for five years.

Her replacement is D. Chris Winters.

I think that this is Chris Winters ’95, director of institutional research at Williams. He should blog about his experiences in local government.

Fohlin ended the meeting on a light note. He announced that several Williams College students engaged in a contest to see who could accumulate the most parking tickets in one academic year. The winning student received 53 tickets and paid $765 in fines.

Details please!