Unfortunately, EphBlog’s invitation to Herb Allen’s ’62 Sun Valley conferenece of media and financial bigwigs was lost in the mail. Again! So, we’ll just have to follow the goings on via the NYT Dealbook Blog. Maybe next year . . .

UPDATE: No wonder we weren’t invited.

We’re told by some of the guests that participants are banned from blogging the invitation-only Allen & Co. mogul fest, which count among the invited not one but at least four startups that threaten traditional media business models.

“They told me I couldn’t blog-I don’t know what to do,” attendee Martin Varsavsky, CEO of FON, told Reuters on the sidelines of the conference this week. “A hundred thousand people read my blog. I blogged Davos.”

Varsavsky added, “I’m desperate.”

I know the feeling.

Trvia question: Are there any other Ephs besides Allen at the conference? I don’t recognize any in this listing.

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