Frequent EphBlog commentator Webb Collings ’75 writes:

Thought you might be interested in a study abroad program two Eph juniors are doing next fall.

It’s called Cities of the 21st Century and involves a group of 25 students from various colleges and universities plus several faculty travelling to four of the world’s largest cities. Academically, the program involves four courses, all related to aspects of rapid globalization and urbanization — economics & politics, sociology, urban planning, and urban ecology. In each city, the group lives with local families, does field visits, and studies with local academic, government, business, and NGO officials.

The itinery starts at the International House at Columbia in NYC for a week. Then, moves to Buenos Aires for 5 weeks. Then, to Beijing for 3 weeks. Shanghai for 2 weeks. And, finally Bangalore, India for 5 weeks. You might say it’s the “Amazing Race” study abroad semester. Sixty five hours in airplanes.

Next fall’s group includes students from Williams, Swarthmore, Wellesley, Vasser, Barnard, Penn, Berkeley, BU, and Harvard among others. I know that both Williams and Swarthmore have been sending a student or two annually on this and other similar programs for quite a few years now.

Great stuff. It would be fun to have these Ephs do an EphBlog Diary about their experiences.

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