Mike Needham ’04, recently appointed Director of the Asian Study Center at The Heritage Foundation, writes on China’s ‘Time for Choosing’.

China’s latest United Nations veto threat should convince even the most generous diplomat that Beijing is part of the problem in North Korea, not a “partner” in a solution. If it ever hopes to get a solution, Washington should now make Beijing’s policy toward North Korea a vital test of China’s ability and desire to be a “responsible stakeholder” in the international system. Specifically, the United States should insist on the introduction of the Japanese draft Chapter VII resolution proposing sanctions against North Korea for noncompliance and allow China to use its veto, if it follows through on its threat. Forcing a veto would clear the air and reset the issue for policy-makers and diplomats.

I wonder what Professor Sam Crane thinks about Heritage’s approach to US-China relations. Longtime readers will recall that Sam and Mike have discussed US policy in Asia in the past.

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