Would this be a good idea at Williams?

Once an anomaly, student-run investment funds are taking off as a teaching tool everywhere from the University of Texas at Austin to Cornell University. As recently as the early 1990s, there were about 30 such funds but they now number more than 200, according to the Association of Student Managed Investment Programs at Stetson University in Florida, formed to coordinate efforts among funds such as these about five years ago.

Perhaps. This is something that I and other Ephs in finance would probably be willing to help out with. The College wouldn’t want to devote any meaningful amount of its endowment to this exercise, but the students involved would learn a lot with only [! — ed.] a million dollars to invest. I suspect that the economics department — with little interest in most of the jobs that its majors go on to after graduation — would be unwilling to get involved, although I would be eager to be proved wrong.

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