Why not?

One thing is abundantly clear about Scudder Parker, a Democratic candidate for governor: He is all about energy. He knows energy policy better than most, and during an interview with the Banner last month, he fervently outlined where he believes Vermont has gone wrong and where it can improve.
The former state senator from Caledonia County is running against popular Republican incumbent, Gov. James Douglas. But Parker doesn’t seem fazed, and with his aggressive approach to campaigning, appears prepared to offer Douglas his most challenging campaign yet.

Parker grew up on a farm in the Northeast Kingdom, where he said he learned the value of working hard. Although not a native Vermonter, he’s lived here for just about all of his life.

Read the whole thing. An ambitious student should join Parker’s campaign right now and write a thesis or independent study on “The Making of the Governor 2006.” As long as you didn’t publish until after the election, I’d bet that Parker would let you tag along and see everything. Take lots of video as well.

Why read history books when you have the chance to dive into the arena?

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