Why not?

“I’ve got people who believe in me, and I’ve got a copy machine. I’m ready.”

Now, all state Rep. Diana S. Urban, R-Dist. 43, North Stonington needs is 7,500 signatures by Aug. 8 to be a contender in the race for the U.S Senate seat from Connecticut.

Good luck to the mother of Alex Urban ’04.

Urban said her decision to pursue the required petition signatures so she can make the run is a “real, true grassroots effort.”

“Why do I want this? I’m against the war, yes, but it’s not a simple issue,” she said.

“The problem is it’s a mistake we make over and over. We don’t learn. We never should have gone into Iraq – like Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam. But we’re there now,” she said. “It seems like it’s a move – and always has been for some – to get re-elected.

Not go into Afghanistan? That’s an interesting point of view! Is there a single United States Senator who now thinks that bombing/invading Afghanistan was a bad idea? I don’t think so. Clearly, Urban’s voice needs to be heard in the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.

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