Is this a fair description of Football Coach Mike Whalen?

What do you get when you combine the looks of Mike Tice, the play-calling imagination of Paul Hackett, the ego and chokability of Mike Martz, the calm and cool demeanor of Bobby Knight, and the clock management skills of Herm Edwards? Llllllladies and gentlemen….your head coach of the Williams Ephs…Mmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiike Whalennnnnnnn!!!

Last Saturday, as Williams played Amherst in the Biggest Little Game In America, Whalen came up minuscule, particularly when it mattered most. Trailing 13-10 with about four minutes in the game, the Ephs faced fourth-and-two from the Amherst 24. Tailback Tim Crawley had already amassed 170 yards, but the Ephs brought out the field goal unit to attempt a tying 41-yarder. But oh, that trickster Whalen. He called for a fake – an option play that resulted in a pitch to the kicker. The kicker!!! In the biggest play of the season, rather than giving the ball to his all-conference running back, Whalen entrusted a fricken’ kicker to gain the two most crucial yards of 2004.

Incredulous, unless you’ve seen the man in action and know what he’s all about. It’s typical to see Whalen try and make the game about him, rather than the 70 or so kids who’d left their guts on the field in the purest of college football rivalries. And make no mistake about it: with Trinity running a renegade operation and sewing up the league for the next few years, beating Amherst is virtually the only thing that matters now. The fake field goal call was a selfish, egotistical call. And he got what he deserved.

Informed commentary would be welcome.

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