Sad to note, via Professor Marc Lynch, that Tim Cook, former Williams professor of political science has passed away. Marc writes:

Tim, who was my senior colleague at Williams until he left for LSU in 2002, was a brilliant scholar of the political role of the mass media. Our long conversations over coffee no doubt played a great role in shaping my evolving thoughts about the Arab media. More important, Tim was the kind of senior faculty member of which every junior faculty dreams: demanding of and living up to high academic standards, but unfailingly generous, supportive, open and excited to engage with new ideas. With his constant intellectual curiosity and his generosity of time, intellect, and spirit he will always be an inspirational role model to me, and to all the colleagues, students, and friends lucky enough to have known him and Jack over the years. He will be missed.

Indeed. Tim was my professor for a class on the presidency. It was well designed and well done. Tim was especially patient with those of us, like me, who were outside the mainstream at Williams, as it were.

Condolences to all.

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