Interesting New York Times article on the problems that Polshek, architects of the Paresky Student Center,

The initial spark was struck last summer, after the university announced unexpectedly that it had ended its four-year relationship with the acclaimed architect James Polshek, whose New York-based firm had been hired, amid much fanfare, to design the South Lawn. Word in Charlottesville had it that Polshek’s office — which had won national renown for such widely praised modernist projects as the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock and the Rose planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History — had become frustrated by the school’s refusal to approve any design that did not hew to a strict Classical palette of arches and columns.

A group of malcontents at the university’s School of Architecture had published an open letter assailing the administration’s effort to turn the campus into a “theme park of nostalgia”: an assemblage of mediocre, slavishly neo-Classical buildings. On the other side, certain members of the board had nightmares of something big and boxy and glassy — something that looked, as one of them put it at the meeting, “industrial” — looming alongside Jefferson’s sacred precinct. The debate had spilled over to the rest of the faculty — and, via Internet newsgroups and blogs, had even drawn in architects around the world.

Hat tip: WSO.

How are people liking the look of the new Paresky Center?

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