Sad to pass along this news from the College.

To the Williams Community,

I am very sad to report the shocking news that Adrian Martinez ’06 died yesterday of massive heart failure while playing soccer near where he was living in Boston. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. There is no word yet on services or other arrangements but we will pass those on as they become available.


Stephen Sneed
Associate Dean of the College

Martinez was a member of the cross country team at Williams and a math major.

UPDATE: I will keep this at the top of the blog until Friday. Thanks to the comments below for links to Adrian’s obituary and details on his funeral. Any readers in attendance should let us know how the service goes. I am sure that friends of Adrian who can not attend would appreciate that.

UPDATE II: Another nice obituary here.

Although he was a strong competitor, Farwell said he was a quiet leader, inspiring teammates more with his work ethic than drive to win. “He’s quiet, but he was always there at the workouts,” said Farwell. “Everyone liked him.”

In a 2002 story in The Concord Journal, Martinez was featured as one of the Dual County League’s top runners. That story told of Martinez’s hard work and dedication to a sport he loved. There was not much that could keep him from missing a practice or a workout.

In the 2002 article, CCHS cross-country coach Steve Lane explained how even a run-in with a truck while riding his bicycle could not keep Martinez completely away.

“There was this one cross-country practice in his sophomore year,” said Lane. “Adrian wasn’t at practice and it wasn’t like him to not be there. It was a Saturday morning. It was foggy out. We were stretching and a police car pulls up. The officer steps out and says he has a message from Adrian Martinez. He said Adrian was hit by a truck and had to go to the emergency room. He asked the officer to come and tell me he couldn’t make practice.”

Life is too short, for all of us.

Condolences to all.

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