It’s August, so what better way to spend the time than a lengthy navel-study of linking policy (what is acceptable to link to and what is not) on EphBlog. Read more if you care.

I was sad to see (d)avid resign from EphBlog. EphBlog needs more authors like him, not fewer. (At the same time, as his (virtual) friend, I would advise him to spend more time on research and less on blogs of all kinds.) In any event, his departure raises the issue of what EphBlog as a community — our authors, commentators and readers — considers to be acceptable links. I want to throw that topic out for discussion.

Note that this is not the same as the issue of what Eph sites we will link to, on the Blogroll and elsewhere. As the FAQ discusses, and as we thrashed out three years ago, we will link to any Eph site that is not “beyond the pale.” Fortunately, this has not been an issue since then, although attentive readers will note that we did not provide a link to the Eph porn video last fall.

In any event, I propose:

RESOLVED: Ephblog authors are free to link to any site unless a clear consensus of the EphBlog community deems the site to be “beyond the pale.”

This is more or less the same policy that we have for Eph sites. It seems reasonable to me. Such a policy would probably prevent me from linking to the noxious Jared Taylor (one of the links that (d)avid objected to and which I will not repeat here) but not to Wikipedia entries like this one. Thoughts?

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