Dan Daly ’76 is a sports columnist at the Washington Times. Here he writes on his classmate Mayo Shattuck ’76.

It would have been fun to tell people, “I graduated from college with the future commissioner of the NFL. We took the same Poli Sci class one semester, if memory serves. He was a pretty good tennis and squash player.”

Alas, Mayo Shattuck, Williams College ’76 (and currently CEO of Baltimore’s Constellation Energy), didn’t get the job. Roger Goodell, Washington and Jefferson ’81, did. Maybe the NFL wasn’t ready for Mayo, a fellow whose youthful wife, Molly, is a cheerleader for the Ravens.

Indeed. I like the choice of “youthful” as an adjective. Wonder what others Daly considered and rejected? By the way, assume for a second that the College is considering awarding a Bicentennial Medal to a member of the class of 1976. Assume that the choice is down to Shattuck and Daly, both successful in their fields. Odds are, the College would choose Shattuck because he has been incredibly successful, making fortunes in two different industries: banking at Alex Brown and energy at Constellation. The fact that he is ludicrously rich wouldn’t hurt his chances.

But Daly, unlike Shattuck, is still married to the woman he met at Williams. He has not traded her in for a younger, less educated model. Should that count for anything when the College decides who to honor and who not to? Just asking!

Where are my feminist friends when I need them?

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