For those who care about such things, the Guide to First Days is available. Always fun stuff. The first class meeting is Wednesday, August 30th and “will conclude with the singing of “The Mountains,” the College song.”

As usual, I have reached out to the JA Co-Presidents to recommend that they not just sing “The Mountains” but that they and the JAs and the first years learn “The Mountains.” Last year’s plea is here. To repeat:

Until a class of JAs decide, as a group, to learn the words by heart themselves during their training and then to teach it to all the First Years before the first evening’s events, “The Mountains” will remain a relic of a Williams that time has passed by.

Yet that is up to you. Note that once a tradition like this is started, it will in all likelihood go on forever. And you will be responsible for that. A hundred years from now the campus will look as different from today as today looks from 1906, but, if you seize this opportunity, Williams students and alumni will still be singing “The Mountains.”

My crazy plan is going to work one of these days. JA training starts about now. Perhaps this is the year . . .

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