Looking for a good Eph music time in NYC on Friday? Look no further.

Hi, I was wondering if EphBlog would like to have a post about my band, The Monkery, which includes 2 other Williams alums, Stu Warshawer ’03 and Jeremy Da ’03. We actually started playing music together as the band One Blue Link, in 2002-2003 at Williams, and played tons of parties, from the Log to row houses to Greylock Dining Hall and Mission for our ACE-sponsored album release concert. EphBlog authors Mike Needham and Mary Lanham know about us, and I suspect
others in the range of ’03-’06 may know of us as well.

We’re all working full time on this now, based in NYC now, and our big debut concert is this Friday (it’s also the release event of our CD, The Training Sequence EP). We have 11 other shows lined up for our September tour, from Georgia to Boston. If you could give a heads up in advance of the show, that would be great. If not, we’d still love to get the word out with our website and notice about our tour to as many Williams alums as we can.

our website is: www.themonkery.com
with free music instantly available on: myspace.com/themonkery


Don Hill’s
Friday, September 8th
Doors open at 8pm for opening acts called The Energy and The Missing Teens
The Monkery on at 9:30pm
511 Greenwich St. at Spring St.
New York City
Cost: $10
Open to ages 18+, 21 to drink

thanks very much, and please do not hesitate if you have any questions,

Phil Enock ’05

Good luck! We would love to have Phil or another member of the Monkery do an Eph Diary, but they should probably focus on the MySpace site.

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