Stephen O’Grady ’97 writes about his blog, but he speaks for me and EphBlog as well.

A couple of very kind folks have emailed me this week, expressing support for me personally in the wake of a couple of posts that have proved to be mildly to moderately unpopular within various communities. As I told them, however, while the support and the gesture are greatly appreciated, they’re really not necessary. It’s not just because taking criticism is part of my job and goes with the territory. It’s also because I think that with very few exceptions, the conversation you and I hold here, in this space, is of a very high standard. A remarkably high standard.

As I’ve said before, we’re not all going to agree all the time; life would be pretty boring if we did. All that I’ve ever asked is that you treat my arguments, and the arguments of other commenters here, with the respect that they deserve. More rational discussion, less impassioned argument. If you think I’m wrong, don’t tell me I’m an idiot – I knew that already – just explain to me why. Infallible I most certainly am not, and if you argue a good case I’m more than willing to change my mind. You know, the whole Keynesian facts change thing. In simple terms, I’m not asking you to agree – I’m just asking you to hear me out.

And you know what? You guys deliver that, day after day. You don’t just show me respect, you show each other respect. Even when you disagree strongly with what I have to say, your responses stay well clear of the personal attacks and fundamentalist positions that characterize the discussions in other, less polite, quarters. That way madness lies. For that, you have my sincere gratitude.

Alas, this isn’t always true at EphBlog (e.g., here) but I hold out hope for the new academic year.

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