Rachel Barenblat ’96 offers a J-Blog Q&A.

Tell me a bit about your blog.

I blog about the wheel of the Jewish year (festivals and observances), liturgy (musings on our prayers and how they came to be what they are; also on the nature of prayer), Jewish texts (Torah; sometimes Talmud; sometimes contemporary Jewish books), community work (pastoral care), rabbinic school (my coursework and training). I try to strike a balance so that my blog posts will be accessible to a variety of readers, but in-depth enough to hold the interest of other folks who are engaged in Jewish life. I do my best to respond to comments, either on-blog or via e-mail, and I try to keep conversations civil and comfortable; my blog feels a little bit like my livingroom, where a group of friends from around the world can regularly gather to talk about this subject about which we are all passionate.

Just like EphBlog.

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