EphBlog’s long term goals include bringing the history of Williams and the fine work done by Williams students to a wider audience. An example of the former is our work on the Willipedia entry about the elimination of fraternities at Williams. An example of the latter is our publication of Jen Doleac’s ’03 thesis.

Today, we get to combine these two efforts by publishing Robinson Sawyer’s ’03 thesis: “The Elimination of Fraternities at Williams College” (pdf). Comments:

1) If you want to understand the history of Williams in this era, you have to read Sawyer’s thesis. It is wonderfully done. And, for those curious, Robinson is the grandson of Williams President Jack Sawyer ’39.

2) This pdf, like Doleac’s originally, is not currently part of the thesis collection maintained by the library. I hope that the library adds it. Although EphBlog is happy to host such work, it all belongs in a central location where people might easily find it.

3) Sawyer’s thesis (and the accompanying bits of history) might make for a fun CGCL this year. Anyone interested? I am also tempted to combine this year’s CGCL with a major effort to upgrade the Williams entry in Wikipedia. Comments welcome.

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