Hello again Ephblog! I’m back for my second installment in the “Year in Photos” series.

October: Pumpkins on Morty’s Doorstep

My dad (also an amateur photographer) has a favorite quote the quality of a photo: “It’s 20% about the photographer and 80% where you point the camera.” I think this is a very cool photo (as did the calendar office, since it’s the October picture). However, I can take only a small amount of credit for its coolness. The real props go to the entry that carved the pumpkins (especially to whoever carved the cow). I just happened to be there with a camera and tripod. The same holds for the dance and theatre performances I regularly shoot and about 95% of the photos I take. Other people do the cool stuff–I just capture it as best I can. Which is all a very long way to say that, if anyone knows the names of the carvers, please send them to me (08bir@williams.edu), and I will update the post.

I may be totally incorrect about this, but I heard that the pumpkins suffered some horrible fate a day or two after I took this photo.

Sidenote: apparently Morty was told in advance that I was coming to photograph his porch, and throughout the hour or so I was there, he kept coming out to offer me something to drink. He was also nice enough to turn on and off the porch/house lights as was needed. Totally chill dude. I want to party with him

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