How is the new world of cluster/anchor/neighborhood/Morty’s-nameless-scheme housing going? Tough for outsiders to know. Reports from the school are appreciated. Comments:

1) Below the fold are all manner of housing related e-mails. Why doesn’t the College publicly archive these? Future historians will want to read these. Does Williamsania print out and save them? I don’t think so.

2) I predict that the new first year housing (all in Mission plus the Freshmen Quad — do they still call it that?) is a big success and is viewed as a big success by all concerned. The central flaw of neighborhood housing is that it does not make use of the fact that the most natural unit of social organization at Williams is the class. See the Davis Conjecture for details.

3) I predict that the Ephs in charge of the new system will do their best to make it work, to create parties and events that students like. I do not think that anyone will be, credibly, declaring the system a “failure” anytime soon. The College is certainly more than eager to throw money at the problem.

E-mails below:

—– Forwarded message from —–
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 10:56:26 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Welcome to the Neighborhoods!

Welcome and Welcome back to Williams!

This school year is full of excitement and changes with the instillment of
our new residential system. Here are two important links that you will want
to keep handy.

First link is a basic overview of the Neighborhood system:

The second is the four neighborhood calendars and an all-neighborhood

Please note that although Neighborhood Dinners are typically the first
Monday/Tuesday of the month, they will be scheduled differently for both
October and April to avoid conflict with Yom Kippur and Passover. (We’ll
let you know the specifics ASAP.)

The neighborhood calendars will be updated frequently, so please keep an eye
out for the changes! You can also find a link for all-neighborhood calendar
on WSO.

Rachel Ko, Neighborhood Planning Summer Intern, Wood Neighborhood Community

—– Forwarded message from Chris Upjohn —–
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 22:16:30 -0400
From: Chris Upjohn
Reply-To: Spencer Cluster List
Subject: Party Packages!

Hey Everyone!

We’ve had outstanding turnout for the Party Packages! For those of you who
missed the first e-mail, we will be holding a number of awesome, large
events during the year for which you must have a bracelet to enter. The
money raised from bracelets covers items – such as alcohol for parties –
which are not covered by the administration. If you don’t drink or are not
21, you still want to buy the bracelets in order to attend the amazing
formal dances and trips that we have planned for the year! Trust us, they
will be great.

To get absolutely everyone on board, we’ve extended the deadline to this
Friday, the 15th. Log on below to reserve your Party Package and your free
Spencer T-Shirt! You will receive your shirts in about two weeks.

If you are a student who has significant financial concerns about purchasing
the Party Package, e-mail and we’ll work out a payment
plan. All inquiries are confidential, and we trust you to adhere to the
honor code in requesting accommodations.

Book Your Party Package Here:

-Your Spencer Governance Board

—– Forwarded message from Chris Upjohn —–
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 22:16:50 -0400
From: Chris Upjohn
Reply-To: Spencer Cluster List
Subject: Spencer Kickoff Party! Friday 10-2

You are invited to a night of crazy, classy fun at the Purple and Gold Party
at Spencer house! Deck yourself out in your most Williams-esque attire and
enjoy upscale traditional beverages and dancing! The Spencer Team will be
giving out fun freebies to people with the best Purple and Gold spirit. This
event is open to all Ephs, no matter what neighborhood, so grab your friends
and get ready for a rockin’ time!


10pm – 2am

Spencer House

-Your Spencer Governance Board

—– Forwarded message from Chris Upjohn —–
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 22:50:44 -0400
From: Chris Upjohn
Reply-To: Spencer Cluster List
Subject: Throw A Party! We’ll Pay For It!

We are excited to introduce the new Spencer Party Sponsorship!

Do you have an awesome party you want to throw? Do you want to be the new
Van Wilder of Williams? The Spencer Board has created a special fund to help
you out.

Come to Hopkins 1964 room Wednesdays at 9:30pm with a proposal for your
event. Please shoot us an e-mail ( beforehand so we know
to expect you. Your proposal should include a date, time, location, theme,
and budget.


-Your event must take place at least one week from the meeting. Don’t come
Wednesday for a party you want to throw that same weekend.

-This can be for all types of parties. Whatever your idea is, we can work
with you to help make it happen. Disco party? Rave? Ice cream social?
Rocking kegger? Relaxed wine and cheese night? Croquet tournament? We
encourage all types of events.

-The event doesn’t have to take place in your house. You can host it
anywhere and still get props for it.

-Parties must be open to everyone in Spencer neighborhood, and we encourage
them to be open to the campus.

-You have to register the party and find workers. We’ll give you
instructions on how to do this.


To help make Spencer the coolest neighborhood on campus, we will award the
Spencer Party Cup to the house that organizes the best social event
2006-2007! The Cup is presented at the end of the year along with the
Community Service Cup. Your name will be engraved on it as the first-ever
rock stars of Spencer social events!

-Your Spencer Governance Team

—– Forwarded message from —–
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 14:24:54 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Party Registration Deadline & Host/Server Certification

Dear Students,

A reminder – if you are planning on having a registered party this weekend,
your certified host must turn in your completed Registration Form no later
than WEDNESDAY @ 4pm, to the Office of Campus Life, Hopkins 1st floor. This
deadline applies to all weekends. Blank forms are available in the Office
of Campus Life, Hopkins 1st floor.

If you are interested in becoming a host or a server, you must take the
Certification Workshop. One host must be at least 21 – others can be 18.
All servers must be at least 21. The Workshop is offered weekly (and
sometimes more than that) by Campus Life & Health Services, and lasts
approximately one hour. Sign-ups are located outside the main door to the
Office of Campus Life, and each session is capped at 30 people. The
sign-ups also show the date, time, and location of the Workshop. (The next
Workshop offered is on Monday, September 18, @ 4pm.)

If you have questions about a party you want to sponsor, the registration
deadline, or signing up for the Workshop, let me or one of the Campus Life
staff know. Thanks!


Douglas J.B. Schiazza
Director of Campus Life
Williams College
PO Box 455 – mail
880 Main Street – delivery
Williamstown, MA 01267
413.597.4748 – fax

—– Forwarded message from Chris Upjohn —–
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 00:32:59 -0400
From: Chris Upjohn
Reply-To: Spencer Cluster List
Subject: Spencer Events This Weekend!


Social Events



5pm-7pm SPENCER COOKOUT in Greylock Quad – Come get some delicious food and
hang out at our first monthly dinner!

10pm-2am PURPLE AND GOLD PARTY at Spencer House – For our kickoff party,
Spencer will be hopping with purple and gold attire, classy traditional
beverages, music, and giveaways. Open to the campus.


Ted’s Spencer Sports Update


“Hello Ephs. This weekend with your Spencer athletes: a Men’s Soccer game
vs. Wheaton at 1 on Sunday and a Women’s Soccer game vs. Simmons at 2pm on
Sunday. If you can get over your hangover, pick up a sandwich and watch
fellow Spencers Jay Ingram (Bryant), Patrick Huffer (Morgan), and Matt Nolan
(Morgan) destroy the inferior Wheaton opponents, and then stay for the
humiliation that Caitlin Colesanti (Bryant), Clare Gallagher (West), and
Sarah Ginsburg (Spencer) will inflict against Simmons. Heckling not
required, but encouraged.”


YOUR Event!


We want to pay for your awesome party! If you’ve got a great event you want
to throw, come to Hopkins basement this Wednesday at 9:30 pm with a


Party Bracelets!


Today is the LAST DAY to purchase party bracelets and Spencer t-shirts! Get
yours now at

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