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David Kane ’58 notes that this is the 125th anniversary of the death of President James Garfield ’56, The New York Times reported back then that:

The following persons were present when the President breathed his last: Drs. Bliss, Agnew, and Hamilton; Mrs. Garfield and her daughter Mollie; Col. Rockwell, O. C. Rockwell, Gen. Swaim, Dr. Boynton, Private Secretary J. Stanley Brown, Mrs. And Miss Rockwell, Executive Secretary Warren Young, H. L. Atchison, John Ricker, S. Lancaster, and Daniel Spriggs, attendants, the last-named colored.

Mrs. Garfield sat in a chair shaking convulsively, and with the tears pouring down her cheeks, but uttering no sound. After awhile she arose, and taking hold of her dead husband’s arm, smoothed it up and down. Poor little Mollie threw herself upon her father’s shoulder on the other side of the bed and sobbed as if her heart would break. Everybody else was weeping slightly.

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