Kenneth Flax wants to have a discussion about early decision.

princeton is cuttin loose too…amherst, williams and others are likely to follow suit.

I want to have a discussion. Why does Williams make it impossible for us to discuss this topic together?

WSO tries to fill this niche by allowing alumni logins, but mine doesn’t work and I think that the same is true for any non-recent graduate. EphBlog encourages this discussion, but Flax doesn’t know we exist and would probably rather have the discussion in a forum in which more students are likely to participate. It would not be hard for Williams itself to organize a forum with easy logins for both students and alumni (and faculty), linked to from the main page. Call it “The Virtual Log.” I predict that it would be quite powerful and popular, that it could serve as an example of the best way to create a cross generational community of learning, that it would encourage alumni to stay connected with the college.

Odds of Williams doing this in the near future? 5%

Now, to Flax’s comment, I think that he is wrong about Williams. (Amherst, because of Marx’s ideological leanings, is a different story.) Early decision serves too many institutional goals, too well and at too little cost for Morty to consider changing it so quickly. At the very least, I expect he will wait a year to see how things go at Harvard/Princeton.

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