After a brief hiatus, the series continues….

November: Tailgating

This image is from the Williams v Amherst football game this fall (yes, we won). Remeber the Ephblog post mentioning that Sports Illustrated was thinking about covering the tailgate? Well, that happened. Even better, their uber-professional photographer that was scheduled to cover the event dropped out last minute, leaving the writer, Alec Morrison, all alone and desperate. Who did he call? Dick Quinn, the guru of Sports Info. And Dick Quinn gave him my name. And they, for lack of a better (or any) option, hired me. So, by a totally bizarre series of events, I ended up shooting for Sports Illustrated, and the photos appeared here.

That was, by far, the most terrifying shoot of my life (including my stint with the cherry picker). That the photographs even turned out is a miracle (probably because of my “take as many photos as humanly possible” strategy). The odds are on my side. A result of this technique is that if you were within a few miles of the game, I probably have a photo of you. Click here for the full gallery.

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