Great article on Michael Levine ’94 leaving behind a law career to coach football.

Levine reports that his former Eph teammates are supportive, if not jealous. “I keep up with a lot of them and they mostly think its pretty cool,” said Levine. “I think they can all relate to doing a job that your heart isn’t really in, just for the paycheck. Cat [Greg Catanzano ’94 now with CherryRoad Technologies in Irvine, CA] in particular — when he heard what I was doing, he thought for a split second, then said something like, ‘will you please talk to Jan’ [his wife]?”

Michael’s wife, Laura, is behind his career change all the way. “She is very supportive, even with the 75 percent pay cut,” said Levine. “We finally realized that all the money in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you’re miserable. I used to get depressed every Sunday night, thinking about having to go to work the next day. No more.”

Indeed. Too many Ephs go to law school. Glad to see that Levine corrected his mistake before too long.

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