Brooklyn Bridge User Group, a blog by an anonymous member of the class of 1991, writes about her “Don’t Want” list.

books – my dad used to say, whenever Mom came home from a bookstore with a bag of new books, “But you already have a book!” He was only kind of joking. And they always had a decent array of bookshelves. For someone who has the most pathetically lame, mismatched, nonadjustable gaggle of bookcases known to man, I have far, far too many books. A quarter of them live on the floor. And when you consider that the only books I’ve been reading for the last two years are audiobooks, well, you see how stupid this is. I purge frequently, but still, new ones keep trickling in.

Indeed, they do. By the way, I think that BBUG is the Ur-Eph blogger. At least I don’t know any Eph who was blogging before June 2001. Do you?

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