Sophomore angst no more?

At the end of last year, five members of the class of 2009 decided to do something radical; they would create a Sophomore Council. Born out of the success of last year’s Frosh Council, certain members felt a general need for an organization on campus whose sole goal would be to cater to the needs of sophomores.

The fervent concern surrounding the unity of our class, especially with the implementation of the cluster system, compelled the creation of the Council. It is comprised entirely of sophomores, and its goal is to keep the sophomore class united while the class’ identity is shifted by the implementation of the cluster system.

Good stuff. Social life at Williams should be structured around class, not cluster.

Here’s one idea: Most medical schools have a Second Year Show, a crazy slapstick, musical comedy in which 2nd year students perform, ostensibly for first years but really for the whole community. The general theme is often one of the 2nd years spoofing the teachers and classes that the first years are going (or will go) through.

Why not the same thing for Williams, a Sophomore Show, written and rehearsed during Winter Study, performed at the start of second semester. Senior theatre majors could do the directing and the organizing. This would also be a natural project for Gargoyle to get involved with. With dance numbers and a chorus, there would be room for 50 or more actors/dancers. Think of all the high school musical stars in the sophomore class who miss their time on stage!

Readers should submit skit ideas and song suggestions below.

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