Atlantic Media, the parent company of The Atlantic Monthly, has started a new magazine named “02138.” It’s a glossy magazine about all things Harvard. The New York Times article about its debut issue calls it “a luxury lifestyle book,” similar to Hamptons Magazine, Palm Beach Illustrated, and Rich Guy. The New York Post takes the first issue of 02138 to task for its article on the 100 most influential Harvard alumni, saying “a lot of it is just media-centric puffery.”

So, of course, the question arises, when are we going to see 01267? As Ephblog makes clear, Williams alumni can wax on forever about Williams-related goings on and alumni. Of course, since Williams churns out only 500 graduates a year — compared to Harvard’s thousands when you add in all the graduate schools — maybe media companies figure a 01267 magazine wouldn’t capture “a large enough demographic,” as they say in the biz.

Perhaps Ephblog should rename itself to 01267, billing itself as an online luxury lifestyle magazine and garnering funding from VCs and articles in The New York Times. Or maybe we just sit on the sidelines and see if 06511 is next.

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