Interesting interview with Ethan Zuckerman ’93.

Why do you keep a blog? What are some of your daily reads?

I keep a blog because it makes me a better writer. Thinking about the different projects I work on and the demands on my time a few months ago, I realized that I had absolutely no regrets about the time I’d spent on writing, and more than a few regrets about meetings attended, trips taken and other ways I was spending my time. By writing almost every day – and getting feedback on almost every post – I find that it’s getting easier to write pieces I feel good about.

I also keep the blog because I’m the sort of person who’d otherwise shout at the TV. This is more productive. When I write about Congo or Somalia, there’s a decent chance that my post will end up being in the top 10 of search results on Google. That gives me a chance to share my opinions – well informed or otherwise – with folks searching for information on those topics. Perhaps it would be more productive to put the time into endless letters to the editor, but this seems to have a higher success rate.

Agreed. Although whether or not writing over 100,000 (?) words on EphBlog has turned me into a better writer is a matter of dispute. Read the whole interview.

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