Queer Bash is tonight.


Project RunGay
The Objective: Retro-Fashion Show

Here’s your chance to test the limits of your style (and sexuality!). Come in your favourite retro outfits, and party the night away on our very own catwalk!

Goodrich Hall. 10pm – 2am

Sponsored by the Queer Student Union.

Want to know what the party is like? Go and find out. And post a video about it. There was an interesting discussion last year at WSO.

But on another note, from a heterosexual student’s perspective, the way Queer Bash is advertized through word of mouth, I wouldn’t have known at all that it is about queers and lesbians. It has devolved into a night (similar to Halloween parties) where you just wear the skankiest clothes you can, have an excuse to get extra drunk, and then be a hedonist in general(straight or gay). Hey…I’ve got nothing against that…fine by me. But like you’ve noted, it’s not at all a forum for “education” about queer life or a safe place for queers to be queer. It may be time for the QSU to really think about whether queer bash accomplishes or has at all accomplished what it is supposed to do.

Here’s another discussion.

I would like to add to the list however of something that personally appalled me. When the drag queen was brought out, she almost immediately pulled a guy from the crowd and threw him on a bed set up on stage. She kept pushing him down on the bed as he kept trying to sit up and then straddled his face and humped his face for at least a full minute as the drag queen went on about … [edited for family reading] … the drag queen mentioned something about having showing this guy his “secret.” Suffice it to say, the guy pulled up on stage didn’t seem pleased. I, and those in the audience around me, were shocked. Someone said that this guy was a freshman. Irrespective of my, or anyone else for that reason, sexual politics, this is inexcusable and reprehensible. While noone is to blame besides the drag queen, this type of action reflects poorly on the QSU and makes a mockery of your aims.

Read the whole thread.

On a related note, there were no e-mail controversies this year. In fact, the WSO e-mail list seems much less used this year. Any reason?

For the record, I still wish that the QBE (Queer Bash E-mail) controversy had continued. Williams needs a thorough debate about freedom of speech. Why didn’t Pritchard give this speech?

“I stand by the content of my original e-mail. Having been raised in a Christian home, I believe that there is a heaven and a hell and that certain people, because of the decisions that they make, are headed for the latter. Prior this controversy, I understood, because of my cultural background, the terms “faggot” and “queer” to be largely synonymous, both in terms of meaning and acceptability. It is since come to my attention that, for some people, the latter is much preferred to the former. If the Dean of the College provides me with a list of terms that are inappropriate for use on campus, either via e-mail or speech, I would be happy to adhere to it. It was not and is not my intent to harass any individual.”

“Williams make a strong claim to encouraging a diversity of viewpoints on its campus. This is an easy claim to make when all the viewpoints agree with your own. It is a much tougher to fulfill when the viewpoints expressed are ones that you find abhorrent. How Williams proceeds with a disciplinary action against me will tell us all a great deal about seriousness with which Williams undertakes its educational mission.”

By the way, were Pritchard or Lucien ever punished? I believe that Pritchard had to take time off for other reasons. No worries though! They are both helping Williams on the football field.

On second thought, this is weird. Both Pritchard and Lucien were listed in the roster early in the year, but now Pritchard is gone, despite being a starter on the team. What is up with that?

Perhaps the Record could write an update on this story, even interviewing Winstanley (the author of the original all-campus e-mail). It would be good for the historical record to know if Pritchard/Lucien were punished and, if not, why not.

More background here and here.

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