Nathan Friend ’07 asks, “Bloggers – Why do you do it?”

Why do you blog? How is your blog identity different from or similar to your ‘real world’ identity?

“The Hour,” with Nathan Friend will be having a discussion about online identity today (Mon. 10/16) from 4-5pm on WCFM Williamstown. Call or email in with your comments and opinions (I KNOW you guys have those…). Before the show:; during the show: x2197.

Listen at 91.9 FM, or stream us online at

Sounds like an interesting show. My answer here.

UPDATE: Trying to listen live but keep getting messages about “Network Stalled” which seem to require rebuffering. Happens every 15 seconds. Network troubles at Williams or at my end? It’s a shame that WCFM doesn’t record and archive these shows. There are more listeners out here than they realize.

UPDATE II: Who is the guest? Mark Taylor? Whoever it is is saying some uninformed but perhaps interesting things about finance and hedge funds, as Taylor has done in the past.

UPDATE III: Is Professor Laurie Heatherington really so clueless about why people blog? Hint: It is, more or less, the same reason she publishes. We all have something to say.

UPDATE IV: Best line from Taylor: “While Bagdad’s burning, people are playing World of Warcraft.” Also, “When that’s going on with the best and the brightest, that bothers me.” Some people (like Taylor? like Ralph Bradburd?) think that you should spend time on things they find interesting, rather on what you find interesting. Listen to Taylor, he knows best.

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