Wick Sloane ’76 reports:

Eva Grudin, Williams art professor, has been working for several years on issues on anti-semitism and the Holocaust. She was born in Shanghai during WWII after her parents, Jewish, fled Vienna. Her preparation is done and the art events are unfolding this fall in Vienna.

Below are two e-mails from Eva. Attached is her overview of the project. Not sure how all this goes on a blog. But courage such as Eva’s is something Williams can be proud of. She wants friends to tell others about the project. You can use these notes and the overview in full or as you wish.

Hold onto your hat. Not for the timid. But all true.

More information (include website) from Grudin below.

Note 1.

Vienna couldn’t be better. Yossi and I are so happy that our project is off and running and getting rises out of the folks we wish to irritate. Stay tuned to our website for updates on how the neo-Nazis tried to get me arrested. www.tocounteract.com

Plus, for our Graffiti poster of all the “Fuck Nigger” signs around Vienna we are planning a public distribution of 1500 of them. AND I’ve enlisted Africans from the Nigerian community to help do that, to talk to folks, tourists in the central plaza weekend of Nov. 11th, when we give them this “gift”.

I’m attaching description of our project for the press. Lots of interest, a heady experience.

We’re soaring.

Note 2.

Stay tuned as we get more testimonies.

I’m particularly interested in posting some stories the Africans in Vienna tell. And I, handing out the calendars at the Opera before last week’s election, had my own encounter with Austrian racism. Not hard to tap, believe me. A man asked how I as a foreigner came to doing political work in Vienna. I said because I was Viennese. And he asked why the American accent. And I said because my family had to emigrate because we are Jewish (the first time I’ve ever mentioned this to a stranger in Vienna, mind you). And he the shouts out. “So are you circumcised?” And then I lose it and Yossi is filming and I’m not sure how the rest of the shouting match really went cause I can’t watch it yet. But the guy doesn’t realize Yossi is filming. And I shout something about how he should show the camera whether or not he’s circumcised and then we could talk. Anyway, I’ll add it to the testimony.

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