Nathan Friend ’07 responds to this post about his WCFM radio show “The Hour.”

Thanks for the plug on EphBlog, I appreciate the interest. I’m sorry about the streaming problems, that’s probably on our end, but we’ve been doing everything we can to correct that problem. I hope you were able to hear enough of the discussion to understand what was being said.

In response to the comment about WCFM archiving our shows, we actually do record the shows, but are worried about copyright issues because the majority of the shows are music-based, and we have to be careful around the record companies. Fortunately as a talk show, I don’t have that problem, so it’s more an issue of finding the server space to keep my shows available online. I’ll let you know when we figure that out (which hopefully should be soon).

Also, I’m interested in what you said about more people listening than we realize. Do you think that’s the case? We only have rough numbers on that, but I know at least for my show we’re talking maybe 2 or 3 people. If you have some better insight into listenership, I’d love to hear it.

I don’t know how many people listen to Nathan’s show right now, but if the success (?) of EphBlog has demonstrated anything, it is that there is a substantial demand (at least in the hundreds) for All Things Eph. I think that the reason more people, especially alumni, don’t listen to Nathan now is that it is hard to do so. If his show were easily available as, say, a podcast, that would change.

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