How many times have we heard stories like this?

Last Saturday afternoon, I walked to Mission and saw one of the bike racks with MY BICYCLE AND TWO OTHERS LOCKED TO IT thrown down the hill to the left of the main entrance. One of the others had a messed up tire, a reflector on my front tire broke, and all three were scratched. I have seen this bike rack down that hill, with many bikes attached, numerous other times. WHY does this keep happening, WHO is doing it, WHY do you think it’s ok, and WHEN are you going to realize it’s not? I’m tired of living on a campus where you can’t trust your peers to be respectful of anything in public space, no matter how beautiful it is, how lucky we are to have access to it, or how much of our tuition is going towards keeping it nice.

Agreed. This has been a problem at Williams for, at least, 20 (and probably 200) years. Unfortunately, no one likes my solution. Yet.

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