Congratulations to Greg Crowther ’95 on the birth of his son.

Both mom and baby are recovering quite well. Phil appears to have inherited his mother’s tendency to sleep a lot and say little (except when we change his diaper, which he hates). His aptitude for and interest in breast-feeding appear more than adequate. As for my wife, she’s hobbling around as one might do after a particularly rough marathon — the main difference being that they don’t give you a baby when you finish a marathon. Which is a good thing, since if they did we’d collectively have 16 kids rather than just one.


And, for those keeping track at home, Phil Crowther will be class of 2027. (Rule is: Add 21 years to birth year if born after September 1 (or whatever the cut-off date is in your school district) or 22 years if born before.)

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