If I were clever, I would be able to cross-reference this listing of those chosen as new partner managing directors at Goldman Sachs with the Williams Alumni directory.

Goldman Sachs doled out one of its highest honors on Wednesday, naming 115 employees as partner managing directors, or P.M.D.’s. The status, awarded to a select group every two years, comes with a broad array of perks, including the right to share a larger portion of the investment bank’s earnings.

In 2005, the firm’s 287 partner managing directors split $2 billion, for an average of about $7 million each. This year, the kitty at 85 Broad Street is bound to be bigger, because Goldman’s overall compensation pool has grown. Goldman said last month it had earmarked $13.9 billion for salaries, bonuses and benefits for its employees through the third quarter, 19 percent more than the total for all of 2005. (The latest P.M.D.’s will not become partners until Goldman’s next fiscal year, which begins Nov. 25.)

Alas, I am not that smart. But you can bet that the Alumni Office would love to know if there are any Ephs on this list. Are there?

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