At the end of the week, after work on Friday, I’ll be hitting the road to make the five-hour trip from my home on the Main Line of Philadelphia to Williamstown for Homecoming. Anyone who needs a ride at this time from this area is welcome to contact me and see if something can be arranged, as long as you can share the car with . . .

    � A possible slight funk in the interior of my car. I no longer notice it, but it’s been identified by some as resembling everything from “death” to “rochefort cheese.”
    � The Illiad on tape, which is what I’ll be listening to on the way up and down by default. You’re welcome to propose something else. I also have the Book of Job which, I hear, taken the right way is quite entertaining.

I also posted my offer on the WSO Rideboard, a service more filled with long-shot requests than offers, but through which I have very happily given and received help enough times to make its existence well worthwhile. I’ve even had that ideal experience of meeting friends through giving rides, so I’m eager to help out when I can.

When I went this time to post I could not resist investigating the link to an offer for a ride From Williams to Vassar College any time from September 11 2005 to April 12 2008. What on earth? The author explains:

Need to go to Vassar College (in Poughkeepsie)to visit my girlfriend…i guess the chances of getting a ride is slim..but can anyone email me and tell me how to get there (by bus or/and train only)…it’s URGENT!! thanks (10[hidden]

“URGENT.” I had to smile commissertaingly, and a little wider and more so when I remembered some stereotypes about Vassar women.

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