Sam Crane is blogging for Beijing.

Yet something that has struck me in just the past few hours is how, underneath the dizzying transformations of this country, some things stay the same. As I walked back to the guest house last evening, through the campus of BLCU, there was a small group of young women playing badmitten without a net. Just hitting the bird back and forth, talking, laughing, out with friends. It was a scene right out of my first enounters with China, back in 1983 at Beijing University. And the men out on the street, with the three-wheeled pedi-carts, selling roasted yams. This, too, was an old standard of 23 years ago. Only back then, there were was no 24-hour MacDonalds right across the street.

Too bad that more Williams professors don’t blog. Sam students (past and present) can learn so much from him by reading his daily thoughts and observations. The more blogging, the better.

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