Matt Piven writes:

Want to listen to the homecoming football game against Wesleyan but can’t make it to town? Listen through WCFM Williamstown, the
college-owned radio station located in the basement of Prospect House.
As with all Williams football games, the station is broadcasting the
game over online streaming audio and stores the recorded audio files on an FTP site for you to download later. To listen live: download this file
at and run the streaming audio in iTunes or Winamp as the game is going on on Saturday (11/4), starting at 1PM ET. Check the game schedule here. If you miss the game, go to and log in with the user name “Football” and the password “Ephs” to download and listen to a full unedited cut of the previous game. But remember to download from the FTP before the next game airs or else you’ll miss it!

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