How are these Neighborhood Dinners working out?

Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 12:57:27 -0500 (EST)
From: Douglas.Schiazza
Reply-To: Douglas.Schiazza
Subject: November Neighborhood Dinners!

Dear Students, Faculty, & Staff,

It’s the first Monday & Tuesday of the month, so it must be time for the November Neighborhood Dinners! Remember that you must be a member or affiliate of the respective neighborhood to eat at these dining halls on these nights.

Monday (tonight) is Dodd (@ Mission Park) and Wood (@ Greylock)
Tuesday (tomorrow) is Currier (@ Driscoll) and Spencer (@ Greylock)

Students, if you still don’t have your neighborhood sticker for your ID, stop into Campus Life (Hopkins 1st floor) between 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday through Friday to pick one up (bring your ID with you).



Seems like a reasonable idea in theory . . .

UPDATE: Don’t want anyone to accuse EphBlog of sabotage, so here is more news.

I really hope this is the last email from me today – sorry I keep filling your inboxes.

I was just informed by Dining Services that Dodd Neighborhood has moved its dinners to Dodd Dining Hall. So…

Dodd tonight (Monday) @ DODD Dining Hall (NOT Mission Park)

The other dining hall assignments should be good to go. Thanks!


Good to know. Again, it would be nice to get some reports from local readers on how these events are working out. It is good to see that all the powers-that-be are giving the whole Neighborhood/Anchor/Cluster concept their best shot. The students involved in Neighborhood Governance seem, from a distance, to be working hard.

But the whole scheme is probably doomed to failure because there is no real commonality that does or can bind the residents of Spencer together. The typical student in Spencer cares about her close friends first, her teammates/activity partners second, her housemates third and her fellow juniors (or whatever class she is in) last. She does not care, and will never care, about strangers who happen to live in a row house that is in her neighborhood versus strangers that live in a row house in a different neighborhood.

With luck, a few years of experience will allow all to see that grouping students by class makes a lot more sense than grouping them by neighborhood while still allowing the College to prevent the self-segregation which drove Morty to destroy the lottery system. Recall the Davis Conjecture.

What should the new system be? First Years where they currrently are. (Perhaps a JA reader could provide an update as to how Mission is working out.) Sophomores in the Berkshire Quad and Morgan (and elsewhere to get enough beds?). Juniors in Greylock. Seniors everywhere else. Add in a doubling of co-op space along with singles for everyone, and you would have a housing system as close to ideal as this imperfect world will ever allow. You read it here first.

PS. Are you a member of the class of 2010 with no idea what this is all about? Start here.

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