Confused by the title for this post? Wondering why neither Brad Shirley ’07 nor Jeff Castiglione ’07 seem to have November 10th listed as a birthday at WSO?

The birthday greetings go to Brad and Jeff, proud graduates of OCS this past summer and soon-to-be Marine Officers this coming spring because November 10 is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Happy Birthday, Marines! To those that have gone before . . . especially Miles Fox ’40. Birthday greetings as well to Lee Kindlon ’98, Chap Petersen ’90, Jerry Rizzo ’87, Tony Fuller ’89, Joel Iams ’01, Ben Kamilewicz ’99, Bungee Cooke ’98, Zack Pace ’98, David H.T. Kane ’58 and Tom Jones ’58. And many others.

But, if we were lucky enough to a a Birthday Ball for Eph Marines from around the world, pride of place would probably go to Preston Parish. Don’t know who Preston Parish ’41 is? Read this article from the Alumni Review of a decade ago.

Men like these stand ready to do violence so that my daughters sleep safely in their beds tonight. Semper Fidelis.

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