See here for details on watching the Eph’s last football game of the season. The best pre-game reading is this story about Marc Hummon ’84.

Streaking across the middle Hummon looked back and saw Connolly going down, at least that’s what it looked like from where he was. “What I could not see was when BJ got hit and was going down Bernie Krause [offensive lineman] grabbed him and helped him stay up,” said Hummon. “I did see Coach Odell heading out onto the field, which was strange, but then all of a sudden I saw BJ was not down. He was rolling to his right looking for McCarthy. I was screaming my head off that I was open and the next thing I knew there was a perfectly thrown spiral headed my way. BJ must have thrown it 60 yards. I jumped up and caught it and juked a defender. I saw another come up, so I cut inside of him and then I had the safety to contend with. I crashed into him at the goal line and I was uncertain as to whether or not I had gotten in. As I turned to look for the ref, RB Sean Crotty dove in screaming and hollering and it got dark very quickly, but by now I could not move as I was pinned by players and fans. Pretty soon I was out of the pile and was lifted onto some shoulders and it was, well, a moment I will never forget.” Williams 27, Wesleyan 24.

Read the whole thing.

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