As detailed in today’s Washington Post, Chris Murphy and other freshman members of the House are receiving their orientation to their new jobs this week. I like articles like these that remind me that even those we vest with great power have to learn a number of little things, much in the same way we all went through First Days seminars, job training, evacuation plans, and other mundane rituals that still feel charged with importance when they prepare you for a role you are eager to step into.

The Post article shares a “here I am” moment for each of some of the new members, and lucky for Ephblog, our own Chris is one:

Chris Murphy ducked out of the day-long orientation session in the Cannon Office Building and lingered in a hallway with a cellphone against his ear as he returned calls from a list of phone messages that filled four pages. “I still have thank-you calls to make,” said Murphy, 33, a state lawmaker from Connecticut who drew national attention by defeating 12-term Rep. Nancy L. Johnson (R).

And so Mr. Murphy and the others this week hear talks on ethics, Parliamentary procedure, and learn minutia such as how they are assigned to an office (it’s by lottery, not unlike Room Draw). I like to imagine the team of people who teach them these things. What kind of people are they? Kindly staffers lead by an inspiring old salt? How do they wind up in this odd but crucial position, being the teacher of freshman congressmen? If they are good at what they do, I’ll bet the congressmen remember them gratefully forever.

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